FromMEtoEU is a project funded by EU, through Europe for Citizens programme.
The project has the aim to put togheter European and migrants, to discover that Europe is not just a place to stay, but an opportunity to build inclusive society.
The project started in November 2018 end will end in August 2020. 

FromMEtoEU involves 8 partner countries: 
Albania, Belgium, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Poland, Spain, Greece. 

Presented by Studio Progetto Cooperativa Sociale, based in Cornedo Vicentino, Italy, the project is composed by 3 different phases

1° Phase_My Europe, My Story
composed by: 
– 1 International Training Course, Brussels, April 2019, which has the objective of sharing the idea of the project among partners, and learn about EU history and about migrant history.
– 8 local workshop with  26 participants each country. The workshop would teach participants to use storytelling to spread histories of migrants.

2° Phase_I need (E)U, E(U) need me
– 1 International Training Course, Spain, July 2019, with the aium to search solutions to migrant’ crisis and to set up a survey to be implemented locally.
– 400 video interviews, 50 for each country, to collect suggestions for intercultural engagement.
– 8 local  workshop, 1 for country, to get concrete proposals of mutual help migrants-citizens.

3° Phase_S.O.S. Volunteers
– A new web site will be online, with  8 different section, one for each partner country.
The aim of  the different local section will be to connect people and promote volunteering
– 1 local event for each country, to promote the web platform
– 1 International Final Conference, Italy, January 2020. Debating on the future of the project and to award best European collaboration experiences