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Local event: Croatia

The event, held in Novi Vindolski at the House of Red Cross, started at 10 a.m .
For the first activity the forty-eight participants, seven of whom where refugees coming from Zagreb, were divided  into seven work teams. In each team there was a migrant who had to tell his personal story to the other members of the group. At the end of this first talk,  all the participants gathered in a big circle and a spokesperson for each group told the stories collected.
Then we switched to Erasmus+ programme and what is the mission of our association. For explaining that, a brief Power Point presentation was shown to the bystanders.
The third activity was focused on the EU values: at first, we made a quiz to see what the participants knew about it and about the Eu,  and afterwards we showed them a PowerPoint presentation in which the definitions of each value were explained.
There after the participants were divided into six groups, six as the number of the European values, and we let them to share their own opinions about this argument.  Then  we had an overall discussion where all the participants gave their contribution .
The last activity was a board game about the same topic. We divided the participants into ten teams and five tables. 
Players had to throw the dice, move the piece forward, take a card and answering questions about different topics like democracy, gender equality, diversity and non discrimination etc. .
At the end of the day, the Croatian participants wrote thank-you letters for the migrants.
The letters with a Red cross t-shirt were given to refugees as a little present
Meals (lunch, dinner and breaks) were offered by the Association of Red Cross.