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Local event: Belgium

IN YOUR SHOES – A Theatre Workshop for an Inclusive Community.

When theatre meets the needs of the community.
The idea behind the workshop was to make participants perceive the point of view of a
migrant person and of EU citizen to understand the needs of both.
The aim of the event was to identify the needs of EU
citizens and migrants in Brussels and to suggest in which ways local people can
collaborate and help one another.
The theatre training was organized in three phases:
1) Ice-breaking game and theatre exercises: let’s get to know one another!
2) Fiction time: acting and interpreting another identity – let’s improvise!
3) I need (E)U, (E)U needs me: what will change if we help each other.
Through a fun theatre training and a discussion on the topics of integration and
reciprocal collaboration within a community, the participants practiced storytelling and
used the stage to interpret different perspectives on migration.

The workshop was a moment of fun and reflection at the same time. Through the different
activities, participants were guided to a journey that first supported them in getting to
know each other, discussing on the challenges of integration and finally in discovering
together how many ways people can help each other in the same community.