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Local event: Spain

In “La feria del asociacionismo de Zaragoza” is a festival for local organisations of Zaragoza celebrated in the main Square of Zaragoza during a weekend where there are stands & some workshops and some
live shows during two days.

The public of this Festival was all types of people but the majority of the visitors were young related with some organisations, the other organisations and a lot of families that were having a walk during the
weekend and passed to take time in the square .
Focusing on the young people there were a lot of migrants that now are living in Spain mostly from Latin America and Africa, but there were some Volunteers from the ESC / EVS program.
So, that festival was a good opportunity to disseminate FROMMETOEU to the local organizations (public and private ones, ONG…).

During the weekend a lot of organisations put the stands sharing with the public the activities that they do, in this case Mundus organisation was informing about the international mobility and about the process
of the From Me to EU project
with the people that were talking with us and having some impressions.
Also we had the opportunity to present the different activities already done in the project, talk about the web
portal and future steps (recording of young people with an immigration experience).
Staff from Mundus also had the opportunity to talk with associations of youth, public services, associations of neighbourhood to share FROMMETOEU project and get some usefull contacts with some local entities which were interested about the project: we got some contacts from other stands working with youngster and also public from foreign countries with immigration experience.